Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019

matera european capital of culture

The year of the European Capital of Culture in Matera begins with the opening ceremony on the 19th of January 2019. A program of events scheduled for 48 weeks, with 50 productions and cultural co-productions, as well as five major exhibitions. The slogan of the whole cultural program is “Open Future”, a mix of innovation,…


Sassi Experience


Package with 2 nights, guided tour and dinner Our offer includes: – Three days, two nights, in one of the extraordinary “Rooms” of Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita; – The buffet breakfast, with local food products; – Local aperitif served inside the deconsecrated XIII Century rock hewn church of the hotel; – Guided tour to…


The rural heritage of Italy


In Italy, a country of Story, should be preserved a history too often disqualified as ‘minor’- such as dotted villages among the Abruzzi mountains and historical heritage so far from the canons of classicism. This ‘minor patrimony’ is considered as what remains of an increasingly endangered but very authentic Italy – Daniele Kihlgren Our offer…


Relaxation and wellness in the Cave

Find peace of mind with a relaxing massage in one of the fascinating caves of Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita in Matera. Our offer includes*: Two days, one night, in one of the fascinating caves of Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita; Breakfast with local products in the deconsecrated rock church of the XIII Century; Two…


For Your Eyes Only


Candlelight dinner in the XIII century rock hewn church, dozens of lit candles, an open fire and classical music. A sacred space becomes an enchanting and exclusive dining room. Our offer includes*: Three days, two nights, in one of the extraordinary Caves of Sextantio Le Grotte della Civita; Candlelight dinner in the XIII century rock…


The Story of Man

Guided tour of the Sassi of Matera Visiting the Sassi of Matera means having an out-of-time journey through the traces of the uninterrupted presence of the man in this area, from the Paleolithic to the present days. Through the many extraordinary sceneries of Sassi you will spot the main stages of the evolution of human…


Between nature and devotion

Suggested itineraries for Matera Trekking on the murgia. Madonna degli Angeli Visiting the Sassi of Matera and the Archaeological Park of Natural Rock Hewn Churches means getting lost in the paths of an ancient and rocky landscape of huge charm. Man has lived in this area for hundreds of thousands years by setting up in…


Night guided tour to the Sassi of Matera

The historian Leantro Alberti who visited Matera in 1550 wrote that the Sassi at night had “a good likeness of the clear serene sky embellished with clear and shining stars”. The visit of Sassi in a night scene still has a unique charm. During the visit you will walk along the paths that best represent…


Sapone Liquido all’olio d’oliva e cera d’api


Sapone liquido lavorato interamente a mano: emulsionato e cotto per 3 ore a partire da processi di saponificazione tradizionale, è adatto alle pelli più delicate e sensibili. Non contiene tensioattivi aggiunti e schiumogeni chimici. Quantità: 75 ml circa Costo: 8 € Ordina…




Realizzato interamente a mano secondo le antiche tradizioni locali: olio d’oliva, lavorazione a freddo, lunga stagionatura naturale e taglio al vivo di ogni singolo pezzo. Alle proprietà emollienti dell’olio d’oliva si unisce la ricchezza della cera d’api, ingrediente inserito per realizzare un prodotto unico, che esalta le caratteristiche del sapone tradizionale, rendendolo adatto alle pelli…




Colate a mano una ad una, queste candele hanno una ricca miscela di cere vegetali, cera d’api proveniente dalle arnie dell’Oasi dei Calanchi di Atri (TE) e paraffina raffinata. Stoppini composti dal 100% di cotone e doppio sigillo a fuoco, a garanzia della lavorazione completamente artigianale. Peso: 550 gr. circa Durata: 72 ore circa Costo:…


Profumatori per ambiente


Una linea di “odori” naturali per ambiente, frutto di ricerca e sviluppo di antichi formulari e pratiche tramandate dalla saggezza popolare, realizzati secondo standard operativi e normativi, senza l’utilizzo di prodotti chimici. Caminetto Nella fragranza “caminetto” s’ispira all’odore del focolare, protagonista della vita domestica di un tempo. La cenere, la legna, le bucce di agrumi…


Gastronomic tour: bread and mozzarella

Departure at 7.00 am and visit of a typical bakery and tasting of some local products (the Matera’s bread, the focaccia, biscuits). 8.00 am: transfer to the “caseificio” and view the making of mozzarella by hand and the “caciocavallo” cheese workshop. Length: max 4 hours. Tasting included.…


Matera cycling tour

A guided cycling tour departing from the Sassi, the Baroque town and some of the new Matera districts (where the Sassi inhabitants transferred in the fifties). Length: 3 hours. Included: hybrid bike rental and tourist guide.…


Matera’s hills

Visit to Montescaglioso, home to the region’s most important Benedictine monastery, and Miglionico, a small medieval town home to Castello del Malconsiglio, setting for the “Barons’ Conspiracy” to assassinate the King of Naples, Ferdinand I of Aragon in 1485, a conspiracy which ended with the slaughter of the barons in the Sala del Malconsiglio (Hall…


Magna Grecia. Archeo tour

Visit to archaeological digs in Metaponto, an ancient colony of Magna Grecia. The sacred area, theatre and potters’ district are still clearly visible. Tavole Palatine, a splendid temple from the 6th century BC dedicated to Hera is not too far away. Visit to the Museum of Magna Grecia, with an interesting collection of funeral items…


Calanchi Lucani

A trip to the enchanting moonscape in the more undiscovered Basilicata, the “Calanchi” valley, and up to Craco, also known as “the ghost town”. The old settlement was completely abandoned in the ‘60s due to quick landslide. Since then the place has kept a mysterious atmosphere. Transfer to the Crypt of the Original Sin, a…


Venosa and the wine cellars

Transfer to Venosa (60 min.), birthplace of the Latin poet Horatio (Carpe Diem). Visit the Archaeological Park, the “Abbazia della Trinità” and the “Incompiuta”. Visit a typical vineyard with tasting of Aglianico (the local red wine), olive oil and the typical cheese of the Vulture area. Length: max 5 hours. Transfer and wine tasting included,…


I trulli di Alberobello

Light walking in the town of Alberobello, a World Heritage site and home to thousands of curious round stone “trulli”. Length: max 5 hours. Transfer included, entrance fees excluded.…


Castel del Monte and king Friederick II

A unique piece of medieval military architecture, Castel del Monte is a successful blend of elements from classical antiquity, the Islamic Orient and north European Cistercian Gothic. This was completed by Friederick II in the 13th century and was elected UNESCO Heritage Site in 1996. Length: max 4 hours. Transfer included, entrance fees excluded.…