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Matera, European Capital of Culture 2019

matera european capital of culture

The year of the European Capital of Culture in Matera begins with the opening ceremony on the 19th of January 2019. A program of events scheduled for 48 weeks, with 50 productions and cultural co-productions, as well as five major exhibitions. The slogan of the whole cultural program is “Open Future”, a mix of innovation,…


I Sassi di Matera “Habitation Experience”.


I Sassi di Matera need planning in consideration of the exceptionality of this heritage. The human use of these caves has been extremely articulated during the past ages: from protohistoric Bronze Age civilization to the monastic communities, from agricultural and pastoral ways of life to metropolitan marginality. The judged value of these places and the…


Traces of life.


I Sassi di Matera (Cave dwellings) are a special case. Their origins are unique. Human beings have lived here for millennia: from the stone age, to monastic orders, to subsistence farmers and shepherd communities. The history of the Sassi is one of contrasting fortunes: from the so-called “national shame” of the former squalor of the…